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Connecting Students with the Best Tutors in Canada


Our live face-to-face real time online tutoring service removes the obstacles of travel time, distance and geographical location. Sometimes the perfect tutor for a student lives in close proximity to the student. Other times they live in a different city halfway across the country. Well now thanks to Mobile Tutors’ Online Tutoring, we can bring the cream of the tutoring crop in Canada to your home, regardless of where you live. All that you need to get started is a computer, laptop or tablet equipped with a webcam and high-speed internet connection.


Our virtual classroom is state-of-the-art with video and voice chat, instant messaging, document uploads and a shared whiteboard. The tutor and student can see and hear each other as if they are in the same room — they can upload school assignments, lesson notes and write on the same shared whiteboard — thereby making it easier to collaborate and learn online.

How It Works


Simply head over to our Registration Page to answer a few questions about you or your child’s tutoring needs, preferences and availability to get started. We custom-match you with a perfect online tutor. Schedule a FREE 15-minute meet and greet session with your assigned tutor before booking your first paid lesson.


Get live 1-on-1 tutoring via our cutting-edge online tutoring platform. Use a virtual whiteboard, audio/video chat, screen sharing, text editor and much more.


After the lesson is completed, both the tutor and student get the opportunity to
rate each other, maintaining the quality of our online tutoring service.

Features of Our Online Tutoring Platform

High Quality Audio & Video Chat

The tutor and student can see, hear and speak to each other live and in real time as if they are in the same room. Perfect for language learning, and conveying body language.

Shared Whiteboard

Students can draw, write, type, upload school assignments and lecture notes in Word, Photo/Image, Power Point and PDF formats on the same shared whiteboard making it easy to collaborate and learn online with a tutor. Perfect for Math and Sciences tutoring.

Live Text Editor

Allows a tutor to review and edit a student’s work live and in real time on the same shared whiteboard. Perfect for reviewing and editing Language Arts and Social Studies essays, research papers, thesis and writing out words and phrases, or making study notes.

Collaborative Code Editing

With syntax highlighting for multiple programming languages, from C to SQL. Perfect for working through coding assignments together or learning to code as a beginner.

Excellent Recorded Lessons

All lessons are recorded making it easy for students review and playback recorded lessons at a later date. Perfect for revision for unit test, quizzes, midterm and final exams preparation.


We guarantee we’ll find the right tutor, or we’ll cover the first lesson.

Our Personalized Approach to Online Tutoring


To inspire our students to reach their full academic potential, our education consultants first assess their unique strengths and challenges to build a tutoring strategy that perfectly addresses those needs. This will allow for our students to grow their strong suits and overcome their weaknesses.


Whatever your specific goals are, we are prepared to support you to make sure you hit your target. From increasing your grades in math class, passing an ESL test or jumping through that final hoop on your way to college – we can find a way to get you there.


All of our tutors work based on the same philosophy. We enhance strengths of our students by workingthrough weekly worksheets and biweekly testing to grow their skillset. This has proven to be a great way to ensure our students excel at concepts learned and it helps to spike their confidence before exams.


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