Reversing Math Negativity: How To Deal With Math Anxiety

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Does your child fear math? Does he squirm in his seat at the thought of studying math again tonight after school? Every other kid in class has this unexplainable fear math that parents often worry how their child would succeed in the future. Everybody knows the value of learning math today and in the future. But how do parents help their kids deal with math anxiety? How does one learn math without feeling devastated when they don’t get it right the first time?

The first step to successfully learning math is to turn the negative attitude around. A positive attitude is the only way that could help your kids with math and all the skills that come with it. When a child feels and thinks positive about math, his mind will be more open to unfolding difficult concepts until he can get a full understanding of it. So how do parents encourage their kids to learn math?

· Encourage Don’t Discourage.

When your child doesn’t get the concept the first time, it doesn’t mean he is never going to understand it. Remember that the learning processes of children are different. Some might get it after one explanation while others learn faster when they get to solve it on their own. Give your child some room to improve. Encourage them to try again and again. Before you know it, they’ve gotten it right.

· Provide Support.

Every parent knows when their child needs support or not. It is fairly crucial that you understand this one because it is only then that you can provide your child with the help that they need. If you’re not very confident about teaching your child math yourself, then it is best to hire a tutor who can do so. A tutor does not only help your child with their math homework but will serve as an excellent example that math skills and techniques can be learned.

· Tell Them The Truth.

There are some myths about math that govern the mind of the child. Some of them think that only the smart ones are good at math. And when you are not good at math, it means you are not smart. Such misconceptions about math can lead to poor self-confidence, and that spells all the difference. Tell them the truth about math – that it is just another subject in school that can be learned and mastered with practice and hard work. Tell them it is not only for smart kids because all kids are smart enough to learn math. When it comes from you, it will make your child feel all better and will start to look into math differently.

Parenting can be a very challenging endeavor indeed, especially when it concerns kids that need the math boost. Stay positive about math and your child will feel the same way.


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